Who am I?

I’m an information-security and cryptography enthusiast from Sweden.
On my spare time I like to program, play building games (like SimCity, Cities Skylines, Prison Architect etc), take apart stuff and see how they work.
I’m a super curious person and so I love learning new things! That is partly how I became interested in computers to begin with.

My projects

I’m active on a bunch of open source projects, most of which are on GitHub.
Below is a list of active as well as inactive projects I’ve worked on:


Favorite OS?

GNU/Linux based distributions but MacOS works fine as well.

As long as it’s UNIX based it’s fine.

iOS or Android?

iOS. While it’s not open source, Apple do take security seriously and push updates frequently.

Also, I trust them more than Google.

Favorite Passwords?

Those that can’t be read by humans

Favorite social media?

Twitter. It’s the only big social network that’s not censored.

Favorite App?

Tweetbot for iOS is great. Other than that I really like App in the Air and Slack for their design and ease of use.

Favorite programming language?

PHP because of how fast it is to make things in. Also I started coding in Java so the leap from Java to PHP is pretty small.

Worst vulnerability?

SQL injection. How is this still a thing?!

Tom Scott did a great video on this.

What’s your mother’s maiden name?

cat /dev/urandom


I spend a large amount of my time on the Internet.
I love the dynamics and freeness of the Internet and therefore I also fight to keep it that way.

I’m a member of these organizations:
Electronic Frontier FoundationInternet Defense LeaguePiratPartiet (SE)Fight for the Future