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Securing A Teamspeak3 Server

After hosting a TeamSpeak3 server since 2015 I thought it would be a good idea to share what I’ve learned under the years and how I keep my TS server safe. In this post I’ll be going over my firewall settings, installation, configuration and App Armor configuration.


I’m using Ubuntu Server to host the TeamSpeak3 server. If you’re not running GNU/Linux then this chapter won’t be relevant to you.

Sadly there are no snaps or Debian...

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Think you're not at risk? Think again...

So one of the most common questions I get when I talk to non-IT-security people about user security online is “Why should I care? I’m not a target.”

This is wrong on so many levels and in this post I’ll try to explain why.

“I’m not a target”

So to analyse why this is wrong we need to understand the fundamentals of why someone “hacks” others.

I’ve chosen to put a quote around hack as I think the word...

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Patreon Security Breach

As you might know already, yesterday Patreon discovered they had been breached and personal information such as email addresses, shipping addresses, posts, names and password hashes were compromised.

Once again another security breach. There are both good and bad news to this though.

The Good News

The good news are that they used a hashing algorithm called bcrypt that’s fairly secure at the moment.
bcrypt is also not decryptable so you can’t turn the password...

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Best Practices Against Data Leaks

Google recently posted an article comparing how security experts and normal people stay safe online.

Here are my thought on how to stay safe:

1. Unique passwords

The most essential thing to not having all your data leaked is not reusing a password EVER.

By reusing a password and a site with that password gets compromised that means the attackers get access to all other sites where you use that password.

The most common way for people...

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What is GateKeeper?

GateKeeper is a small bluetooth dongle best fitting on a keychain. The bluetooth dongle talks to the little USB stick that you also get. (see picture below)

Just plug the USB stick into a USB port on your PC/Mac (preferably on the front, as it will need a good signal). You can then configure what the dongle will do on your computer, using the software that GateKeeper provides. Either set it to lock automatically, unlock automatically,...

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